Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soft Bronze Beauty

Spring and Summer is all about effortless beauty! No need to pile on the makeup and spends hours at your vanity. This is the time of the year that the natural you  gets to shine. Not only is this look a breathe of fresh air. Its also hassel free because you don't have to worry about  touch ups and blotting non stop!! LOL  The staple to this look is a luminous complexion! You want the skin to look smooth, glowing and healthy. So I will show you how to achieve this look with just using 5 of my fav beauty products!!
FACE: MagiX Cashmere Advance Liquid Foundation
this lightweight formula glides on the skin to give a radiant effect to your face.
CHEEKS: Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo
this is perfect because it allows you to give your cheeks some glow and definition.
Simply use the bronzer to give your face a light contour. Then pop the blush on your cheeks to bring warmth.
EYES: Always on Point Eyeliner
No eyeshadow for this look!! Just line your bottom and top lash line with a this water resistant liner.
This pencil glides on with ease but stays put all day!!
Super Extend Infintize Mascara
Everything your lashes need can be found in the bright orange tube!!!
The brush from this mascara allows the lashes to have length, lift and curl.
LIPS: Totally Kissable Lip Gloss
Give your lips just enough color, shine and moisture by using a great lipgloss.
You want the appearance of soft, supple and smooth lips to finish off your effortless look!
Remember you want your natural beauty elevated. So this lipgloss will do just that!
So while you are on vacation or just enjoying a beautiful day out. Give this look a try.. You will feel beautiful and free at the same time! :)
*all of the products above are Avon products! You can find all of these and more by clicking the SHOP WITH ME link